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Joshua Taipei Hernia Center

Discover The Real Healing: Nature Tissue Reconstruction

With a wealth of experience from conducting over 30,000 hernia surgeries using a variety of methods, the experts at Joshua Taipei Hernia Center have devised the innovative “Integrated Hernioplasty®” as an ideal solution. A unique alternative to conventional mesh implantation, Integrated Hernioplasty (IH) offers 3-dimensional natural tissue reconstruction for a functional structure. This groundbreaking IH solution shatters the boundaries of traditional hernia surgeries, delivering unprecedented value to hernia patients worldwide.

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Hernia Surgery: the Limitations and Breakthroughs

Explore The Real Healing’s Unique Approach:
3D Natural Tissue Reconstruction

Discover the power of using muscle-fascia combinations for natural healing and neo-growth of overlapping muscle-fascia layers. Experience the fusion of natural structures without the need for artificial support.

Internationally Trusted: Over 45 Countries and Counting

Patients from across the globe, spanning more than 45 countries till 2019, have entrusted their hernia treatment to Taipei Hernia Center.

Real Healing: The Future of Hernia Treatment

Our real healing approach to hernia treatment involves creating a neo-structure with natural tissue that fuses together strongly without mesh. It’s all about natural tissue repair and maintaining a natural lifestyle.

Functional Repair and Exercise Function for Long-term Health

Our treatment is not just about immediate healing but also long-term exercise function. Our focus on reconstruction aims to restore perfect movement and health.

Fast Healing with Minimal Incisions

Our process involves minimal incisions to promote faster healing. Coupled with local anesthesia and reduced anesthesia usage, we ensure faster recovery for our patients.

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