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The Real Healing: Nature Tissue Reconstruction

Based on more than 20,000 hernia surgeries and kinds of surgery method, Taipei Hernia Center staffs have developed “The Integrated Hernioplasty®” as an ideal solution. Different from mesh implantation, the Integrated Hernioplasty (IH) provides Natural tissue reconstruction as a 3-dimension functional structure.  The IH solution has broken the limitation of traditional hernia surgeries and bring values for hernia patients.   

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Hernia Surgery: the Limitations and Breakthroughs

About The Real Healing:

Natural tissue reconstruction 3D

  • Use the strong part of muscle-fascia together and healed naturally of neo-growth of overlapping muscle-fascia layers.
  • Fuse together and natural structure.

Mesh implant+Attachment courses

  • Fibrosis (scarring) tissue between mesh and surrounding muscle fascia
  • The resistance forces come from
  • Only certain part of muscle incompletely grow into the mesh

More than 45 countries(~2019) patients come to Taipei Hernia center to take the treatment

  • Real healing hernia treatment
  • Neo-structure with natural tissue fuse strongly together without mesh
  • Natural tissue repair, Natural lifestyle

Functional repair with long-term exercise function

  • Reconstruction to provide exercise.
  • Perfect movement as the health status

Minimal incision to healing faster.

Local anesthesia + Less anesthesia: allow faster recovery.

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