Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is the safest, most comfortable anesthesia care for hernia repair

Charateristic Traditional method The Integrative
Low risk of
Traditional surgery requires
regional or general anesthesia,
and the risk of anesthesia is
high, especially in those with
advanced age and poor
cardiopulmonary function.
Local anesthesia+
intravenous sedation
Local anesthesia is only
required for the surgical
site, and the safety is
higher than regional and
general anesthesia.
Intravenous sedation are
administered during
surgery, and patients can
sleep comfortably during
the surgery.
Low recurrence rate The recurrence rate for
traditional tissue repair
method is about 5-10%,
2-3% for mesh repair,
and 3-7% for laparoscopic
hernia repair.
0.2%, low recurrence
Small surgical
The size of the wound
for the traditional tissue
repair method and artificial
omental patch technique
is about 5-10 cm while the
size of the wound for
endoscopic surgery is about
three 1-2 cm incisions.
Minimal incision
Less foreign
In about 95% of traditional
surgeries, foreign objects
are used for reconstruction.
Most surgeries do not
need implantation of
foreign objects
(reducing the permanent
implantation of foreign
artificial omentum).
of stays
Traditional surgery requires
hospitalization for 2-3 days.
Must fast for 8 hours after
Must lie down for 8 hours
after surgery.
Ten to twenty percent of
patients may have to have
a catheter inserted.
Discharged the next day
or two days after surgery.
Strenuous exercise can
be done three months after
Day surgery
Recovery time is fast
Can eat immediately
after surgery.
Can get up and walk
immediately after
Can get up and use
the toilet immediately
after surgery.
Can be discharged six
hours after surgery
(can also choose to
recuperate and be
discharged on the day
after surgery).
Can resume exercise
three weeks after surgery.
Low surgical
Traditional postoperative:
Low to moderate degree
of pain
Painless or low degree
of pain
Reduction of
Depends on the situation. Very few.

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