Harry先生 60歲 (美國人)

Hello, my name is Harry and I am an American from Chicago, USA. I have lived in Taiwan for many years. Eight years ago, I needed to have an operation for a hernia. I never had a hernia operation before that, so the operation 8 years ago was my first experience with it. I had that first operation at xxx medical center in Taipei. They used general anesthesia. I had to stay three nights in the hospital. They also used something called “mesh” to repair the hernia. But years later, like some people who have had mesh used to repair their hernias, I found that over the years the mesh had shrunk and had shifted position, allowing the hernia to come out again. Therefore, I needed to have it repaired. But I knew I did not want to go back to the Hospital for the “repair operation.”

I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Alpha Lin. First of all, he uses local anesthesia (plus a sedative), which is MUCH BETTER than general anesthesia and all of its side effects. The anesthesia team at the “Taipei Hernia Center” did a wonderful job. They are very professional, and I would never want general anesthesia again. Thanks to the local anesthesia method used by Dr. Lin, I had no side effects and felt much better after the operation, allowing me to spend less time in the hospital.

In addition, Dr. Lin uses a natural method of repair. He seldom use “mesh” to repair the hernia. He is one of the most experienced doctors in Asia for repairing “old mesh” from previous operations, so I really felt fortunate to find him. With minimal surgery, he was able to do the repair without making a large incision. He is a very caring doctor who sincerely tries to keep his patients comfortable. In the days and weeks following the operation, I could feel the difference. My recovery time was faster and much less painful than my first operation 8 years ago. I wish Dr. Lin could have done my first operation 8 years ago. Then I would not have needed to have this second (repair) operation!!

In summary, I can say without hesitation that the entire experience with Dr. Lin in January 2013 was much better than my first hernia operation 8 years previous. I would heartily recommend Dr. Alpha Lin and “Taipei Hernia Center” to ANYONE who needs to have surgery to repair a hernia. They are the BEST.


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